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QTS Strives to create the best possible student experience for gaining exposure to the exciting world of Quantitative Trading

We have a large array of events planned throughout this semester, be sure to keep a lookout on our social media!

Feel free to contact us if you are curious about about up and coming events or even want to recommend anything you want to see. 

From poker tournaments to Mock Trading games we've got plenty to offer!!


Keynote events from our sponsors

These are education opportunities by paradigm shifting firms in the industry. Not only an excellent chance to learn and witness the cutting edge tech put into place by world leading firms but also a great chance to network with fellow quantitative trading nerds and current traders in the industry.


We have teamed up with industry leaders to host a range of trade-a-thons enabling us to offer exciting and insightful events to learn what the day to day is like in a trading firm, we also host regular weekly poker tournaments with cash prizes

Social events

We have a range of social and educational events to meet with many other likeminded enthusiastic Quant Traders. No matter what event, we know you'll meet some bright and friendly faces!!

The Month's Events

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